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Our CCTV system options for the commercial market is unique in that we can offer the very best auto-tracking dome cameras packed full of features that our competitors simply cannot provide. See the Auto-Tracking Camera section below  for more details.


Fixed (or static) cameras can be used cost effectively for internal use and external use where relatively small areas are required to be viewed. As the fixed cameras do not move and have a fixed lens for viewing a certain area, the number of cameras will depend on how large an area you need to view. If you simply need to see if someone is there or not then a wide angle view could be used to cover a large area. However if you need detail and to see who is actually there then a narrow angle lens would need to be used covering a much smaller area,therefore more cameras would be required.

The fixed cameras are available in different formats however entry level or domestic cameras should not be used. High resolution cameras are required which are capable of providing clear comprehensive with time and date stamped images. These are usually day/night cameras nowadays that operate in full colour during daylight hours and automatically revert to black and white using the infra-red spectrum at night. Lighting is essential when desiging a system for night time external operation and we can advise on the most effective type of lighting for your particular situation during the survey. Explaining the different types of camera and lighting combinations at the same time.

For evidence purposes there is a criteria with which the cameras images may be used. It is no use simply putting some cameras to cover a large space up and hope for the best when it comes to wanting to prosecute someone, guidelines need to be adhered to in the initial design and planning of a CCTV system.This is where we can help with our expert knowledge during the initial survey.


Dome cameras have become the best way to provide that all important evidence especially externally nowadays. There are different types depending on your situation as with fixed cameras. However the main advantage of PTZ dome cameras is the ability to move around and zoom in and out to cover a large area from one camera therefore doing the same job as many static cameras. The dome cameras can be manually operated by a security guard or set to tour automatically or when a movement detector is activated. They come complete with powerful zoom lenses and can do a complete 360 degree rotation in a second.


Auto tracking PTZ dome cameras are unique to Linc Security. Their main advantage over any other PTZ dome camera is their intelligence in that they can operate by themselves and actually track a person or vehicle within its field of view. Like the normal PTZ dome camera it can be operated manually with a joystick, however the powerful tracking feature enables the camera to track a person by following them wherever they go and zooming in close as they get further away from the camera or zooming out as they come closer. This is the best camera available to provide that all important evidence image footage.

This camera has to be seen be believed! Our CCTV demonstration vehicle can show you exactly what a feature packed unit this actually is by positioning the demonstration camera where the likely position it would be fitted at your premises. Please contact us to book your free demonstration with our Demo Vehicle.


The DVR  units are available in either 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel formats, each channel having one camera connected. For a fixed camera system you may need a larger DVR with more channels, using PTZ dome cameras will reduce the size of DVR required as less channels may be needed. Hard drive size will also depend on a number of factors including the number of cameras, length of time required to retain the footage and the quality of the images stored. We will advise on this aspect during the survey and demonstration. A back up facility for archiving or providing evidence is also a feature on the DVR. This can be either a USB port to download the evidence onto a memory stick or a DVR writer to burn the evidence into a CD or DVD.

The DVR also has an option to view your cameras over the internet if you want to. All you need is an internet connection and a router with a spare port. We will set this up for you and talk you through the operation of remote viewing. This is a useful feature if you have a burglar alarm system that rings you or key holders when it activates. If the key holder is at home or somewhere else with a broadband internet connection you or they can simply log onto your premises and look around to see who is there.


Wireless cameras can be used where it is not possible to run a cable between the camera and the DVR without being able to hide it. Example may be from building to building where there is no cable or ducts available. In this case a wireless lonk would be a great advantage.


Good quality evidence footage is essential when trying to convict a person for breaking into your premises or vandalising equipment etc. There are home office recommendations regarding the criteria for CCTV evidence which can be used in court. The main factor to remember is that  to recognise a person on the screen, their head and shoulders must occupy the whole screen. This is a good rule of thumb when calculating what type and how many cameras you require for your site. The diagram below shows the different guidelines by the Home Office. Don't forget we can design your system free of charge, just give us a call and we will arrange your free no obligation survey and demo and design a system around YOUR requirements.