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At Linc Security we listen to our customers so we can design a CCTV system that is best suited for them whilst remaining within the guidelines of data protection and offering advice to help them gain the best from their system.

Our expertise in CCTV is second to none. We pledge to bring you the best image quality for your particular budget.

We will design and advise you on the quantity and correct type of cameras to choose whilst discussing your exact requirements ans then provide you with a full written quotation is provided.


Our range of CCTV systems for the home covers general viewing and can be designed to either operate with your existing TV set(s) using a spare channel or the AV port, or be a stand alone system with its own flat screen monitor. In either case the heart of the system would include the latest silent running digital hard drive recorder. (DVR)

The DVR will have a minimum of 4 channels, that is to say that you can have up to four cameras connected to it that will all be recorded at the same time (However for a larger house an eight or sixteen channel unit is also available). You don't necessarily have to have four, eight or sixteen cameras, anything up to the maximum can be used depending on how much area you need to cover and in what detail. We will never try to sell you more than you need!

The DVR also has an option to view your cameras over the internet. All you need is an internet connection and a router with a spare port. We will set this up for you and talk you through the operation of remote viewing. This is a useful feature if you have an alarm system that rings you when it activates. If you are away at work or somewhere else with a broadband internet connection you can simply log onto your house and view to see if it a genuine alarm or not. This can also apply to a family member who holds keys for your house when you are away.

The system would also include all fixtures fittings cables and power supplies etc to make your system operational. The best picture quality and value for money will use wired cameras instead of wireless.

Wireless cameras can be used where it is not possible to run a cable between the camera and the DVR without being hidden. Example may be from the house to an outbuilding. In this case a wireless camera would be a great advantage.

Generally the latest external cameras are referred to as day/night cameras. The most common type is the infra-red LED enhanced camera that will operate in full colour during the daytime and when the light level falls below a ceratin level at night, the infra-red LEDs will light up and the camera will operate in black and white mode until daylight. The cameras can come in many shapes and sizes however the most common and best quality camera is the mini dome camera or eyeball camera for home CCTV systems. Ask about our full range of domestic cameras available.