Voice Warning Devices

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Our Voice Warning units offer an extremely versatile deterrent.

Generally the devices are usually fitted on the external walls of a building and operate very similar to security lights. A movement detector will watch out for anyone in the area and when it detects someone the unit will emit a pre recorded voice message warning the trespassers that they are being recorded on CCTV, or that the police have been informed etc. The messages are recorded in a studio for best sound clarity and a selection list can be supplied for you to choose from that will suit your requirements prior to it being installed.

This unit is ideal as an added benefit to an external CCTV System in that it can give the impression that the CCTV system is being monitored elswhere - but at a fraction of the cost of a monitored CCTV system.

Different types are available depending on power supply situations. There is also a solar powered unit that can literally be fitted anywhere.

They can be connected to operate with and complement a Burglar Alarm System or other contact devices instead of conventional sounders.