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Our hybrid wired and wireless or completely wireless systems can accept up to 32 detectors in total.

The Wisdom and the Agility are two completely wirless intruder alarm systems which are in a world of their own. The only cable is the mains connection, everything else is wireless including the external sounder. Batteries may last up to two years.

The Wisdom system is an all in one control panel with a built in keypad for accessing the functions. Setting and unsetting may be by means of the onboard keypad or wireless fobs or keypads. It has an inbuilt dialler and modem digital communicator to be monitored at our alarm receiving centre if required, or it can be used as an audiible only system.

The Agility is the same as the Wisdom however has no on board keypad but instead comes with one stylish remote wall mounted keypad with blue illuminated LCD display.

Both systems are Grade 2 rated and are suitable for domestic and commercial use including insurance rated premises. A free survey would be carried out to establish how many and what types of detector are required.

The systems are extremely versatile opening up many more options including wireless monitoring.