Audio and Video Intercoms



Whether you are looking for a simple audio intercom for your home to speak to whoever calls at the door, or you want a fully functional video intercom that operates the front door or drive gates - Linc Security can help.

An intercom system can be a simple replacement for your doorbell on your house these days adding to your personal security by not opening the door to strangers. You can talk to whover is at the door without compromising your safety before being satisfied of their identification first.

On the other end of the scale we can provide you with a video intercom to speak to and see the person at the door or gate. The systems can also control gates and doors to let people in at the push of a button. Intercoms can be integarted as part of an automatic gate system using your existing gates in many cases ensuring security and personal safety.

Take you handset anywhere around the home and never miss a caller!

With a wireless video intercom you can take the handset anywhere around the home. You necer need to miss a caller at your door again due to invalidity or mobility problems.

When someone presses you doorbell their live video image will appear on the wireless hand set. If you don't want to answer a nuisance caller you don't have to - they cannot see or hear you. If however you want to answer the caller simply press a button and you can speak to the person and see them at the same time! You can even let them in by pressing another button making your door secure at all other times without having to physically lock the door with a key.

Prices are very reasonable and start at just £150 plus fitting!


Wireless intercom systems can be fitted even where power is a problem as they can operate on standard batteries. Even long distances can now be bridged with an intercom controlling a gate or door for example at a remote location miles away - using the GSM network makes it seem that they are just at the end of your drive!

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